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About Us

The Oil Region of Northwest Pennsylvania is known as “The Valley That Changed The World.” In 1859 Colonel Edwin Drake struck oil in Titusville and a spark of excitement ignited development across the hillsides surrounding the Allegheny River. Today the Oil Region is home to Victorian architecture, museums, specialty shops, art galleries, breweries, restaurants, and a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities. A Bite of History food tours deliver exceptional immersive experiences through informative, entertaining, and delicious walking tours. If you enjoy walking, exploring, history, and/or eating then A Bite of History food tours are for you!

A Bite of History Food Tours was created by Oil Region native Valerie Perry. After graduating from Cranberry High School and Grove City College, Valerie spent 2 years traveling the United States, 4 years sailing around the world working on a cruise ship, and 6 years living in Washington, DC as an event host and producer for National Geographic. In 2019 she returned to the high seas as a cruise director. Valerie has combined her local knowledge with her extensive travel experience to create A Bite of History Food Tours right here in her own backyard to help locals and visitors discover the flavors and stories that this area has to offer.