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Dr. Ryan Jackson is celebrating his third year at his Franklin location practicing Gonstead chiropractic. The Franklin location is one of three Gonstead practices with partner offices in Meadville, and Corry.
Gonstead is a type of chiropractic that focuses on finding and correcting spinal joint problems. The technique is based on detailed x-ray measurements to allow for specific adjustments of spinal joints. X-Rays provide extremely important information, explains Dr. Jackson. “They can help us find the exact location of the problem, help us find and analyze joint arthritis or damage, and most importantly they help to ensure that the adjustment is as accurate as possible.” Because it is specific, Gonstead chiropractic is a gentle, conservative approach, and considered safe for patients of all ages including young children and the elderly, as well as pregnant women and those with disabilities.
In 2008 Dr. Jackson began offering free-of-charge, on-sight, chiropractic examinations for employees in local businesses. “Our main focus is not to change the ergonomics of the job itself, but rather to change the individual doing the job so as to make them less prone for injury and damage.”

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